"ZTI MOSCOW" production and warehouse complex

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Московская область
Istra District, Pavlovskaya Sloboda Rural Settlement, "Trapezia" Industrial Zone

ZTI is Russia's largest manufacturer of modern industrial polyethylene containers for transportation and storage of chemical, oil refining and food products. ZTI's customers include BASF, DOW, HENKEL, TOTAL VOSTOK, Rosneft and hundreds of other production companies.

PSO-13 is building for ZTI Moscow, the most modern of its 5 plants, in the Trapezia industrial zone near Moscow.

The construction is being carried out in two phases. In the first, already completed, a 15,400 m² production and storage building was built, with the functional layout of the building enabling production to begin without having to wait for the second construction phase to begin.

A 20,000 m² warehouse block is currently being built in the second phase.

Once construction is complete, the total dimensions of the 24-hour production and warehouse complex will be 192 x 180 m and the floor space will increase to 35,400 m².

  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • Functions of the Technical Client 
  • Fit-out finishing 
  • Installation of process equipment


Phase I - 15 400 m²
Phase II - 20 000 m²



The production building consists of the following functional units:

  • Raw material storage with transport docks and unloading area
  • Rooms for raw material dosing, extrusion, forming, processing and packaging
  • Three-storey administrative block with entrance group, canteen, wardrobes, office and technical administration rooms
  • Boiler house with water treatment system and fire water station
Energy-saving technologies

Due to the high energy consumption of the plant (about 5 MW), industrial bus ducts are used in the power grid, providing increased fire safety, and due to the low resistance they save electricity.

To reduce energy consumption for heating supply air during the cold season, the heating and ventilation units are equipped with rotary recuperators.