"ABI-PRODUCT" SK-4 production building

Main parameters
Vladimir region
Vladimir, Polina Osipenko St., 47A

Abi is Russia's leading producer of sausage products, ready-to-cook products and frozen meals. It was founded in Vladimir in 1995. It is among Russia's top-500 largest companies according to RBC. Its products are marketed under the Vyazanka, Goryachaya Shtuchka, Starodvorye and Yadrena Kopot brands. It is sold in more than 150,000 retail outlets in Russia's regions, as well as in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Abkhazia. 

Revenues exceed RUB 37 billion. Sales amount to 240,000 tonnes per year.

The company is a repeat winner of prestigious competitions and industry exhibitions such as "Marka №1 in Russia|, "100 Best Goods of Russia", IFFA, "World Food", "Prodexpo" and "Best Brands".

Abi includes two plants in Vladimir and one in Kaliningrad. Production facilities are equipped with European equipment: Dominioni, Pavan, CFS, Balpe, Handtmann, Poly-Clip, Repak, Espera, Laska, Multivac, Autotherm, Fessman, Bizerba, Vemag, Kramer+Grabe and others. Abi annually implements large-scale projects aimed at developing the company's business.

In 2021, the company started reconstructing the non-residential building into a production building (SK-4). The new production building will enable the company to increase its production volume and strengthen its market position.


  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
  • Installation of process equipment

The reconstruction is being carried out in the city of Vladimir on the site of an existing factory. 

The renovation of the 14,290 m² Soviet-era building will include the removal of old concrete walls, the reinforcement of the supporting frame, the installation of a solid modern floor, the installation of a new roof and sandwich panels, two 8000 m² built-in storeys - and four new annexes with a total area of 11,034 m². 

The dimensions of the reconstructed building will be 230 x 60 m².

The new building will consists production areas including clean and super-clean areas. Stainless steel sandwich panels will be used in the finishes.

Existing worn sewer and water mains will be replaced prior to the commencement of the reconstruction.

The building will be equipped with modern utilities, including cooling and steam supply.

BIM modelling technology will be used in the design.