We design and construct world-class industrial facilities
Moscow Projector plant
Light industrial class
Multifunctional complex
17 350 m²
Turnkey construction of warehouses, facilities and shopping malls
Arkhbum Tissue Group
Tissue paper production facility
60 879 m²
Right on schedule with a firm guarantee
Vehicles' spare parts Fulfillment-centre
12 856 m²
Building a strong future!
We work for ambitious companies that believe in themselves and in their country. Every day in different cities of Russia we construct facilities, factories, warehouse complexes and shopping malls, creating a solid foundation for leadership for our Clients.
  • Complete turnkey construction projects
  • Working all over the European part of the Russian Federation
  • Working under EPC contracts
  • Industrial facilities
  • FMCG and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Agricultural complexes
  • Logistic complexes
  • High-rack warehouses
  • Fulfillment-centers
  • Shopping malls and hypermarkets
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Sports facilities
Responsible for all construction stages: from concept to implementation
The path to success is followed by intense concentration on what's important. On what you do better and faster than anyone else. We help our Clients concentrate on their business entrusting us with the construction process. We are responsible for the entire project: from concept to commissioning.
Getting initial permits
  • Selection of a land plot;
  • Carrying out survey works;
  • Obtaining Technical Conditions for the connection to utilities orexisting road network;
  • Formalizing and approval of initial permits.
Design and expertis
  • Individual design with low material consumption;
  • Obtaining positive State Expertise conclusion report;
  • Obtaining construction permit;
  • Preparation of detailed BoQ during Tender phase.
  • Construction and installation works of any complexity regardless of season or time of year;
  • Completing and installation of process equipment;
  • Fit-out design, engineering equipment, finishing of interiors;
  • Continuous quality control. Strict compliance with H&S norms;
  • Professional construction management – over 200 engineering manpower;
  • Own design, engineering, survey, automobile and road construction departments;
  • Fixed “turnkey” construction price.
Every project is a reason to be proud
Since every business is a challenge and a search for unique solutions, our projects just like our Clients are all different. We know how to solve complex problems: we always exceed our Clients' expectations, making them proud of the new facility.
Radiation control systems plant
13 060 м²
Commissioned in 2023
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production and warehouse complex
35 759 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2022
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Class A warehouse terminal
64 851 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2018
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warehouse terminal
38 000 м²
Commissioned in 2019
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fulfillment centre
17 500 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2018
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Logistics complex
25 987 м²
Тверская область
Commissioned in 2020
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Pharmaceutical plant
25 856 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2013
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Automated warehouse
9 585 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2013
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Production and warehouse complex
31 000 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2012
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Сonfectionery factory
16 375 м²
Московская область
Commissioned in 2009
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Honest relations at
all project stages
Our approach to work
Construction process in Russia is a pain for any investor: missed deadlines, exceeded budgets, outstanding obligations. The result is transparent: wasted time and money of a Client.
We work differently: only hard work, discipline, experienced team and responsible approach to work. We build honest and open relations with Clients from the first meeting to the commissioning of the project.
The usual way
  • A sales associate who is not aware of the real capabilities and limits of the company pronounces memorized phrases from advertising brochures. Your questions remain unanswered.
  • You will be offered a choice of 3-4 already completed projects. For various reasons, you will not be invited to visit the facilities that are under construction.
The way we work
  • PSO-13 managers provide a detailed information about the company's technical, financial, and legal capabilities. You get comprehensive answers to all your questions as early as at the first meeting.
  • You are welcome to visit any of our facilities under construction or that have already been built by us - over 100 in total. It is entirely up to you.
The usual way
  • The contractor will not carefully examine your terms of reference, but will try to deliberately simplify it, taking for calculations only formal parameters: the configuration of the land, the size and area of the building. Insufficient initial data will become a weak basis for the entire project.
  • You will be offered design solutions from outdated Soviet compilations or own typical designs, claiming that individual designs are ineffective. As a result, you will either overpay for an excessively oversized building, or reconstruct it at your own expenses in future.
The way we work
  • We study in details, clarify the Terms of reference and collect the missing data togther with you, fill in the project checklist and prepare a detailed Terms of reference. Our Terms of reference will be so comprehensive that you can easily use it to obtain bids from other General Contractors.
  • Using the Build To Suit approach, we offer design solutions that meet your requirements to the maximum extent, reduce materials consumption, reduce construction time and make full use of the landplot.
The usual way
  • General Contractor provides a commercial offer 90% consisting of advertising texts and with an approximate enlarged bill of quantities on 1-2 sheets. He guarantees you that "only quality" materials and equipment will be provided, but does not specify them. The cost indicated in the estimate enters the contract with a number of conditions and clauses.
  • The wording in a General Contract will be stern and protect not your interests, but the General Contractor.
The way we work
  • We attach a detailed bill of quantities with a breakdown of the cost and scope of works, materials and equipment, including assortments and models of specific manufacturers. Based on the bill of quantities we optimize the cost of the project together with you. The final cost is fixed in a Contract as not subject to change.
  • We offer a Contract with the most acceptable conditions for both parties.
The usual way
  • Pending design documents from Subcontractor-Designer causes delays and increases the cost of construction.
  • Incorrect estimation of amount and cost of materials leads to delays in deliveries and delays construction works or compels General Contractor to use low-quality materials and equipment.
  • Mistakes in scope and cost of works leads to further delays in project completion or even to its complete suspension and litigation.
The way we work
  • Three own design teams promptly provide the construction site with design documentation and avoid downtime of workers and construction equipment.
  • Fixed justified volumes approved in the bill of quantities and long-term cooperation with major suppliers of materials guarantee uninterrupted supply at fixed prices even during the high construction season.
  • Detailed justified bill of quantities and transparent pricing exclude unplanned works and lack of financing. Construction will be completed on schedule and with the expected high quality.
The usual way
  • Improper preparation of permits and as-built documentation by General Contractor and the lack of practical experience delay commissioning for months. You may lose time and money.
  • The price pressure caused by an unreasonable bill of quantities compels General Contractor to use illegal schemes with fly-by-night companies. The Federal Tax Service will refuse to refund the VAT after inspections, as a result the construction will cost you 20% more than expected.
  • The legal entity of General Contractor will last 3-5 years. Therefore, if design deficiencies are revealed during building's operation, General Contractor will not be brought to fulfill warranty obligations and all defects will be eliminated at your own expenses.
The way we work
  • Strict adherence to all normative requirements, accurate preparation of documentation and vast experience in dealing with regulatory authorities, will ensure prompt obtaining of conformity report and commissioning.
  • On the Federal Tax Service request, we will provide a full package of documents for VAT refunds, including files on each contractor and supplier. In case of VAT refund refusal, we will compensate you for the deducted amount at our own expenses.
  • We have been working as a single legal entity since 1993. We flawlessly fulfill our warranty obligations throughout the entire lifecycle of facility.
Take more advantages
with a reliable partner
The construction industry in Russia ranks the second in the number of bankruptcies, and the share of prosperous construction companies does not exceed 8%. The index of entrepreneurial confidence is at historically low levels, therefore choosing a reliable General Contractor is a key factor for investors' success.
  • PSO-13 is the industry leader
  • We rank among the TOP-5 largest companies in the Russian industrial construction sector
  • We have been successfully working in the construction industrysince 1963 in 15 territorial entities of the Russian Federation
Minimal risks
  • Family-owned company with impeccable credit history
  • Cooperation with major banks and insurance companies
  • Flexible approach to project financing
Quaranteed vat refund
  • Joint stock company with transparent reporting has been operating since 1993
  • Detailed files on subcontractors and suppliers
  • All necessary licenses and permits
Low total cost of ownership
  • BIM design
  • Confirmation of the energy e ciency of a Class A+ building
  • BREEAM, LEED, FM Global Project Certification
The best partners trust us
A few companies construct for a full due. But even fewer can stick to this standard for decades. The Clients who have experienced the quality of constructed buildings and reliability of guarantees come back to us over and over again.
Paper Engineering
SFT Group
Automotive industry
Aviation industry
Sukhoi civil aircrafts
OAO Tupolev
Shopping malls
RYADI wholesales
Industrial facilities
Flint Group
Grand Line
Warehouses and logistic centres
FMCG and pharmaceuticals
Perfetti Van Melle
Dmitrovskiy Dairy plant
Automated warehoouses
Multi-temperature warehouses
Who would you trust to build your building?
Are you holding a tender?
Send the application or call us
We will quickly provide a package of documents for accreditation and a site visit to any facility that is under construction or has been built by us. We will thoroughly study your Terms of reference and prepare a detailed BoQ with a breakdown of cost and works scope, materials and equipment as soon as possible.
Tatyana Gromova
Tender department manager