"NPP DOZA" radiation control systems plant

Main parameters
Zelenograd, Northern Industrial Zone, ul. akademika Valieva

"NPP Doza" is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of radiation monitoring systems: dosimeters, radiometers and spectrometers. The company's equipment is used in civil and military medicine, at enterprises and power plants of Rosatom, as well as on Atomflot icebreakers: the Arktika, the Sibir and the 50 Let Pobedy. It is exported to more than 50 countries.

The company actively participates in the work of technical committees of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Rosstandart and Rosatom. In cooperation with the IAEA, it conducts advanced training courses for specialists from CIS countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. 

The company has its own production facility with modern automated processing centres, a metrology service, and a testing facility with dosimetric working standards. In 2019, the company produced more than 155 thousand units. 

On 27 November, PSO-13 signed a contract with NPP "Doza" for the construction of a new plant for radiation monitoring systems. The plant will be built in the Northern Industrial Zone of Zelenograd, next to the high-rise building of the Research Institute of Molecular Electronics.

The new factory will allow the company to expand its production and storage capacity, upgrade its machine park, and increase the volume and range of products.

The construction is planned to be completed in 2022.


"Turnkey" General contracting


The 4-storey building will consist of production and administrative blocks connected by a glass atrium. The production block will consists the mechanical assembly and radio assembly workshops, laboratories, offices, technical and amenity rooms. The administrative block will consists a canteen, a meeting room for 100 people, a training centre, representation and office space.

The stained glass and ribbon glazed facades will be finished with aluminium and terracotta panels and porcelain stoneware. There will be a parkimg for 39 cars on the landscaped area around the building.

The building has 3 lifts: 1 freight lift and 2 passenger lifts. The size of the building is 72 m x 72 m. The height of each floor is 3.90 metres from floor to floor.