"PEK BUTOVO" warehouse terminal

Main parameters
South Butovo, 2nd Melitopolskaya St., 12A, b. 1

PEK is one of the leaders in the Russian freight forwarding market. It specialises in the transportation of groupage cargoes. It performs road, air, sea and railway transportation. Provides custody and warehousing logistics services for online shops. Provides cargo services to Kazakhstan, the EU and China.

The company employs more than 10,000 people. Total warehouse area exceeds 400,000 m². The branch network of 200 branches covers more than 100,000 settlements on the territory of Russia. More than 3,500,000 customers use PEC's services every year.

In 2019, PSO-13 built a new warehouse complex "Moscow Butovo" for PEK, which consists of the following facilities:

  • Two warehouse buildings with attached administrative blocks with a total area of 36,000 m²
  • Parkings for 175 cars and trucks
  • Checkpoints
  • Engineering infrastructure

Land plot area 8 ha. Total built-up area 30 455 m².

PSO-13 performed all works, including demolition of the old car depot located on the site, moving the main heat pipeline outside the boundary of the site, design, construction and landscaping works on its own.

  • Obtaining and approving the initial permits 
  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
Construction schedule

The project was built in two phases. In the first phase built:

  • Building No.1 with loading docks and ramp, consisting of a storage unit with mezzanine and an attached two-storey administrative block.
  • Transformer substation, fire extinguishing pumping station with water tank, underground sewage pumping stations, sewage treatment facilities and storm water tanks, utility networks
  • Car parking areas
  • Engineering networks

During the second phase, warehouse building No.2 with the area of 10,945 m² and a four-storey administrative block were built.


To increase the number of transport docks in Building 1, the spacing of the half-timbered columns has been reduced from the standard 6 metres to 4 metres. As a result the building has 70 transport docks, or 1 dock for every 315 m² of storage space, which is almost three times higher than the standard number of docks in the warehousing industry. The docks are equipped with dockwellers, lift gates and air curtains.

Before construction began, the main heat pipeline of the town Shcherbinka was moved out of the site. About 40,000 m³ of sand were delivered, the site was levelled with an eight-metre difference in height and pile foundations for the load-bearing columns were prepared in the difficult technogenic soil.