"KRKA-RUS" pharmaceutical plant

Main parameters
Moscow region
Istrinsky District, Moskovskaya St., 50

The Slovenian concern KRKA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of generics. The products are produced in factories in Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Germany and Russia. It is supplied to more than 70 countries. The company employs more than 12 000 employees, of which over 2 000 work in Russia. All of the company's products are produced in compliance with GMP international quality standards.

In 2003, PSO-13 built the first stage of the KRKA-RUS pharmaceuticals plant in Istra, near Moscow. The investment amounted to 40 million euros.

In 2013, PSO-13 completed construction of the second stage of the KRKA-RUS II plant and a new high-bay automated warehouse. Investments exceeded 135 million euros.

The KRKA-RUS plant currently produces more than 40 products. Products are exported to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova as well as to EU countries: Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Finland, Italy, France and Portugal.

The production capacity exceeds 2 billion tablets per year. The plant employs 490 people.

  • Obtaining and approving the initial permits 
  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • Functions of the Technical Client 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
  • Fit-out finishing 
  • Installation of process equipment

Each phase of the plant consists of several functional blocks:

  • An administrative block with offices, canteen and administrative and technical premises
  • A production block with standardised cleanroom space, airlocks and wardrobes
  • Laboratory block with control and analysis laboratory and microbiology facilities, sample storage, wardrobes and office space
  • Technical rooms for air and water treatment systems

High-bay warehouse has around 20,000 pallet spaces

Construction phases I and II are connected to each other by a special covered gallery. All production and storage processes are managed by computerised information systems.

Engineering infrastructure

A highly reliable engineering infrastructure, internal and external networks have been built to ensure uninterrupted operations at the plant:

  • Two gas-fired boilers
  • Pumping fire extinguishing stations
  • Diesel generator sets
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Sewerage and water supply networks
  • Electricity, lighting and communications networks
  • Heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Access control, video surveillance and fire-extinguishing systems
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Clean water and air conditioning systems

Systems integrated into building management system, engineering systems and equipment.