"AVTO-EURO" fulfillment centre

Main parameters
Moscow region
Istrinsky district, Pavlovskaya Sloboda, "Trapezia" industrial zone

The customer of the project is AVTO-EURO, one of the leaders in the Russian automotive spare parts market. It sells spare parts for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. The company's clients are service stations, wholesale and retail shops of spare parts for foreign cars. The company has 35 regional representative offices, 17 regional warehouses and sales offices. It delivers using own cars equipped with GPS receivers. Since 2002, AVTO-EURO is a member of the international association of spare parts distributors Group Auto Union International.


General characteristics of the property:

  • Site area 21,596 m²
  • Building area 11 453 m²
  • Total Floor Area 19,355 m²
  • Warehouse area 17 500 m²
  • Building size 144 m x 78 m
  • Ceiling height to bottom of frame 12,2 m


Warehouse parameters:

  • Nomenclature of goods: at least 100,000 SKU
  • Strong mass heterogeneity (from 200 litre drums of lubricants to small screws and nuts)
  • Number of orders to be processed per day - 80,000
  • Maximum order processing time - 45 minutes, from start of formation to dispatch


The facility was a finalist in the prestigious industry award PROESTATE & TOBY AWARDS in the "Warehouse Complex" category in 2020.

  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • Functions of the Technical Client 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
  • Fit-out finishing 

The main building consists of a administrative block, a warehouse block and technical premises. 

 Administrative block

  • Representation area with glazed facade, black granite staircase, spacious entrance and modern minimalist interior design
  • Staff entrance lobby with storage, wardrobes, open-plan offices, toilets and technical administrative areas

Warehouse block

  • Receiving area
  • Storage area
  • High rack warehouse with wide corridors for oversized and bulky SKU
  • 3 level mezzanine
  • Picking and Shipping area

Technical Rooms:

  • Transformer station
  • Gas boiler

The floor plate area of the warehouse block is 10,950 m². In order to make maximum use of the building's volume and increase the storage space, the building is equipped with high-bay mezzanines, which provide a total storage area of 17,500 m².

The mezzanines are equipped with goods lifts, shelving, a SCHÄFER automated conveyor belt, both inside and between floors, a total length of 2,000 m, control and accounting terminals as well as a fully automated storage lift for shelf storage. 

The warehouse operates under the control of a modern IT system via terminals and has a very high automation level for warehouse operations.  

Access to all areas is controlled by an access control system. 

The building is equipped with 15 loading docks.  Another dock is used for the routine maintenance of the warehouse systems and machinery located inside the building with large crane vehicles.