"LACTALIS VOSTOK" automated warehouse

Main parameters
Moscow region
Istrinsky District, Pavlo-Slobodskoye Rural Settlement, Leshkovo village, 180

The Lactalis Group is the world leader in cheese and dairy products. It processes 20 billion litres of milk annually in 266 plants in 51 countries. The company's portfolio includes well-known brands: President, Galbani, Parmalat, Lactel, Black Diamond, Celia, La Laitiere, Dukat, Bridel, Santal and Salakis. 

The company employs over 85,000 people. Annual turnover exceeds 20 billion Euro. 

Lactalis Vostok, a Russian subsidiary, has been operating in Russia since 1997. In 2002, PSO-13 built a processed cheese factory for Lactalis-Vostok in the Istra district of the Moscow region. And in 2013, it completed construction of a low-temperature automated warehouse on the same site.

Today, the 10-hectare site is home to:

  • Processed cheese factory;
  • Automated warehouse for finished products;
  • Parking area with manoeuvring yards for 55 vehicles;
  • Separate gas-fired boiler room;
  • Waste treatment plant;
  • Waste collection area.
  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
  • Fit-out finishing 

The automated finished goods warehouse consists of two multi-storey buildings connected by a process vestibule and refrigeration area and an annexed administrative block. 

The high-rise warehouse building with high-bay shelving and automatic stacker cranes has a capacity of 12,000 pallet spaces. The building measures 33 x 102 m. The height to the bottom of the trusses is 24 m. The temperature in the building is +2...+8°C.

The 5m high shelf storage building is intended for picking and shipping products. It has 10 transport docks with dockwellers and awning sealers. The building's dimensions are 48 x 102 m. The height to the bottom of the trusses is 5 m.

To reduce heat losses, the facades are made of fire-resistant three-layer sandwich panels with 150 mm thick mineral wool heat insulation. The roof is covered with 200 mm thick mineral wool slabs.

The 2-floor administrative block contains offices, wardrobes, sanitary and technical rooms. A 3.5 m wide transport gallery was built under a part of the first floor to connect the warehouse and the production building.

The total area of the buildings and structures is 9,585 m².

Asphalt roads, car parks and manoeuvring yards and external sewage networks have been built. Underground cable lines and fire water line are moved. The area has been landscaped.