"BORISOVSKY" class A warehouse terminal

Main parameters
Moscow region
Podolsk district, PromTechAlliance area, 1, p.1 and p.2

"Borisovsky" terminal is one of the largest modern Class A manufacturing and warehousing complexes. It is located in the south of Moscow Region, 10 kilometres from the Moscow Ring Road. Total area of the complex is 20 hectares. It consists of 4 buildings with total area of 115,000 m², two of which have already been put into operation. The storage capacity of the terminal is more than 165 000 pallet-places.

The characteristics of the finished buildings:

  • The length of the building is approximately 300 m
  • 36 transport docks, including 4 with enlarged gates
  • 12 m working ceiling height
  • Column spacing 12 x 24 m
  • Mezzanines with 1.5 t/m² load capacity with 12×6 m column spacing under the mezzanine
  • Reinforced concrete floor with 7t/m² distributed load and up to 10t/m² concentrated load

Each building has two 4-storey administrative blocks with comfortable offices and passenger lifts. Parking areas for 188 trucks and 274 cars are provided on site.

In 2019, the facility was nominated for the prestigious CRE AWARDS industry award in the 'Warehouse Complex' category.

  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
and Security

In order to meet the requirements for autonomous Class A warehouses, the necessary utilities infrastructure has been constructed on the terminal site:

  • 2 main transformer substations ensuring the strong power supply reliability
  • standby diesel generator power plant with capacity of 3.1 MW
  • Modular boiler house with 5.36 MW capacity and a gas storage tank for several days of independent operation
  • Internally-facility networks for power supply, water supply, sanitary sewerage, storm water and gas supply,
  • treatment facilities
  • a pumping station with fire-fighting water tanks and a fire-fighting water pipeline

In order to ensure the safety of cargo, the "Borisovsky" terminal is equipped with modern systems of video surveillance and access control, security and fire alarm systems, and an autonomous fire sprinkler system.

The rainwater drainage system does not run over the storage area, which completely eliminates the impact of possible leaks.


Energy efficiency class A++

The building was constructed using enlarged wall thicknesses of 150 mm and 200 mm in the roof. After installation, PSO-13 specialists carried out a thermal imaging survey of the building and confirmed that there were no sources of increased heat loss. Following an independent energy audit, the buildings were assigned the highest energy efficiency class A++.

In the "Borisovsky" warehouse, the heating of 1 m² with a height of almost 14 metres requires only 50 watts of thermal energy - 25% lower than in standard class "A" warehouses.

Weak technogenic soils

The building site was characterised by enormous differences in elevation and weak soils. Hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of sand and crushed stone were brought in to level the site. The designed thickness of the earth material reached 12 metres in some places.

For the construction of the floor, a sand and gravel and geosynthetic material multi-layer base with a thickness of more than 1.2 metres was prepared under the whole development area. The floor with an antidust cover is designed to resist a distributed load of 7 t/m² and a concentrated load of up to 10 t/m², which is 40% higher than the standard requirements (5 t/m² and 7 t/m², respectively).

The bearing and half-timbered columns are mounted on composite pile foundations up to 16 metres deep.