MARR RUSSIA multi-temperature warehouse complex

Main parameters
Moscow region
Odintsovo, Vostochnaya St., Building 25

MARR RUSSIA is a subsidiary of the large Italian holding INALCA. The company specialises in the distribution and production of food products in the HoReCa and wholesale and retail sectors.

It serves more than 7,000 clients throughout Russia. These include the McDonalds and Burger King restaurant chains; Marriott, Baltschug Kempinski, Sheraton Palace, Hyatt and National hotels; and the METRO Cash&Carry, BILLA, X5, Dixy, Azbuka Vkusa and Magnit hyper- and supermarket chains.

MARR RUSSIA supplies a large range of frozen or perishable products: meat and processed meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruit and berries, mushrooms, cheese, confectionery and bakery products. The company produces about 80,000 tonnes of ready-to-cook meat products annually. It has its own 120 vehicles equipped with multi-temperature units.

General characteristics of the complex:

  • Site area 37 686 m²
  • Building area 15 242 m²
  • Total area 22 838 m²
  • Warehouse area 14,057 m²
  • Technical Area 5,241 m²

Storage Area:

  • 12 storage areas
  • Temperature range -21°C...+18°C
  • Assortment of goods 8 500 SKU
  • Storage area capacity 33 000 pallet places

The facility won the prestigious industry award PROESTATE & TOBY AWARDS in the "Warehouse Complex" category in 2020.

  • Obtaining and approving the initial permits 
  • Land plot sale and preparation
  • Preparation of documentation for the Project phase
  • Revision of documentation at the stage Project phase
  • Non-state expertise
  • Preparation of Working Documentation 
  • "Turnkey" General contracting
  • Fit-out finishing 
  • Installation of process equipment
  • Installation of racking equipment

The main building is an all-metal frame with an integrated air conditioning unit. Twelve multi-temperature zones occupy the main volume of the building:

  • An 18 m wide receiving and picking area with 25 loading and unloading docks and a 5 m high internal quick lift gate.
  • Dry storage area with fixed temperature +18
  • Four cold storage areas for chilled products. Each zone can be kept at any temperature from 0 to +10 degrees.
  • Four low temperature zones with -21 degrees.
  • Two low temperature zones with racks on mobile platforms.

Above the receiving and picking area, there are technical areas, refrigeration units, wardrobes for staff, catering areas, sanitary facilities and technical service areas.

The office block houses an internal checkpoint, a passenger lift, a forwarding service, office and administrative and technical premises.

The complex is equipped with its own boiler house with BUDERUS dual fuel boilers, a diesel generator set and a fire extinguishing pumping station with fire tanks.

The autonomy of the complex is 48 hours.


The client wanted to build as large a warehouse as possible on a complexly shaped plot with weak soils and a high water table. There is a high-voltage power line running next to the site as well. In addition, a main electricity cable and a city sewer ran through the site.

Due to the complex shape of the plot and the existing burdens, standard solutions had to be avoided. Some of the encumbrances were removed by moving the trunk cable and the sewage collector out of the plot boundary. The main building was designed with power line protection zones in mind. The combined pile-column foundation was made of concrete B25, W8, F150.

In low-temperature areas, liquid-heated extruded polystyrene foam heat insulation was installed under the floor slab to prevent ground freezing.

To increase storage capacity and reduce cooling costs, the building height was increased to 14 m and 7-tier racks were installed in the storage areas instead of the standard 6-tier racks.

In the low-cold room, dynamic racks on mobile platforms were installed, which more than doubled the useful storage density from 1.94 pallets/m² to 4.22 pallets/m².